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We can design and present ukulele workshops tailored to the needs of your group, working with many skill levels together or concurrently. Workshops could include strumming tips and tricks,  finger-style skill building, arrangements for ukulele ensembles, experimental ways of playing the ukulele and song writing among many other topics.

Little kids and big kids we have something for everyone!

NEW! See descriptions below

  • A Beach House in the Blue Mountains

  • Groovin' with the Blues: 'Somebody's Knocking'

  • Channel your inner rock star in Hot Stuff

  • 'Queen' Medley

  • Songs from Motown

  • Hollywood Hawaiian & Island songs

  • Songs of Good Cheer

  • Playing Up the Dusty End

  • Fingerstyle Ukulele playing

  • Intro to Jazz Ukulele

  • Ukulele Ensemble: Walking in the Air

                Descriptions below!

Experiential music sessions for pre-schoolers and Tiny Tots

Circle Songs on the Mat is an full participation singing and moving workshop for pre-school kids with new fun songs teaching early concepts while moving and making music.

Can you tune 27 ukuleles
in less than 13 minutes?

Workshop 1: Australian Folk Medley

Singing and playing some Australian songs too good to be forgotten from 1880s to today. Starting with Inanay from the Yorta Yorta people, learn songs from the bush, the wars, from poets to contemporary folk songs.


'I loved playing these songs and learning some new ones.' Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival, August 2018

Workshop 2: Playing Bush Dance tunes on your uke

Can you play the C scale? If so you can learn to play these bush dance tunes. Learn The Heel and Toe Polka and The Gallopede.


Picking: Intermediate. If you can play the C scale and read TAB or notation, you can play these tunes. 

Strumming and dancing: Everyone

Workshop 3: Accompanying your songs using ‘Cotten picking’A self-taught left-handed

guitarist, Elizabeth Cotten developed her own original style. Sheplayed a guitar strung

for a right-handed player, but played it upside down, as she was lefthanded. This position

required her to play the bass lines with her fingers and the melody with her thumb.

Her signature alternating bass style has become known as "Cotten picking"

Learn this picking pattern on the ukulele and some songs that suit the style.

Level: If you are ready to finger pick, this is for you.


Workshop 4: Tequila! Ukulele Ensemble
Players select their own level of participation depending on their experience with ukulele.
You can play melody, backing chords or single backing notes from memory, chords or TAB.
There is place for everyone in this workshop as long as you call out Tequila! at the
appropriate times!
Picking the melody: intermediate
Strumming: everyone

Workshop 5: In the Mood  Ukulele Ensemble
We will learn to play In the Mood, playing either melody, backing chords or single backing
notes, from memory, chords or TAB. There is place for everyone in this workshop including
some ukulography and vocal soloists a la Glenn Miller band. The most important thing will
be to have fun!
Picking the melody: intermediate
Strumming: everyone

Workshop 6: Latin Time Ukulele Ensemble

Learn this very easy piece with Latin rhythms & melodies, opportunity for improvisation and fun lyrics.

Levels: Everyone

Workshop 7: Strumming tips and tricks at two levels: beginners and intermediate players
Add variation to your strumming by adding dynamics (emphasis), listening and imitating
what do the good players do, and the use of up strokes. We will practice these concepts

with exercises and songs as well as looking at some slightly trickier strums including Cathy’s

sure fire method to get you chunking along with the gang.
Level: Everyone

'How good were you guys yesterday? Thank you so much for running the workshop.

I have had great feedback from everyone who participated and hopefully they will  all keep practicing the skills you demonstrated today.'  Southport U3A QLD, Sept 2019.

Workshop 8: Ukulele Experiments and playing with other dangerous implements
Explore the uses of the ‘ukulele and chopsticks pairing’ with an ensemble arrangement of
The Celebrated Chop Waltz (or Chopsticks). Play with a variety of weird and wonderful
implements to develop some unique tonal qualities and slightly bizarre arrangements.
Level: everyone

Workshop 9: Songs my Mother Loved
Take a trip with Angie through popular songs from the 1900s to 1930, the songs her mother
sang. They are sure to tug at your heart strings or make you blush.
Level: Everyone

Workshop 10: Russian Cabaret: Orchi Chernye ‘Dark Eyes’  Ukulele Ensemble
Dark Eyes is probably the most famous Ukrainian cabaret romance song. Learn to pick the
melody of this classic or choose to strum the chords (Am, Dm and E7) using tremolo strums

and fan strums to build to a dramatic finish. Everyone joins in the dramatic vocals!
Picking: Intermediate
Strumming and singing: Everyone

Workshop 11: Baby Elephant Walk Ukulele Ensemble

                                                        Pick the melody or play the off-beat chunking strum to get that baby

                                                        walking through the savanna. 

                                                        Picking: Intermediate
                                                        Strumming: Everyone


Workshop 12: Istanbul (not Constantinople) Ukulele Ensemble


Picking melody: Intermediate+

Picking a pattern under melody: Everyone

Strumming: everyone. Off-beat strum, slap/pull style.

Singing: Everyone!

Workshop 13: Playing around with ‘chord twins’ * from James Hill’s book, Booster Uke
Using the chord twins (chords that have the same shape on the fret board) to boost your
playing to the next level.
Level: Everyone

Workshop 14: "Hot Stuff" Ukulele Ensemble

Learn this fabulous version of Hot Stuff arranged for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Channel  your 'inner Rock Star!' Includes the riff, the strum, the vocals, the easy picking patterns.


'What a great workshop! Loved it!'  Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival, August 2019

 'We all enjoyed learning different ukulele parts to “Hot Stuff” from the excellent

Wild Women of Anywhere Beach workshop on Thursday.'  Gympie Gusto 20 September 2019 

A cracker of a workshop!'  SPRUKE Brisbane September 2019

15. 'Queen' Medley

Learn to play excerpts from three classic Queen songs in a great medley. All level of ukulele players will enjoy this workshop and come away with a great medley to play.

16. Songs from Motown

Bring your own ukulele or borrow one of ours. No musical knowledge or experience required. Get ready to rock as you strum along to the fabulous songs of Motown made famous by Aretha Franklin, the Sapphires, the Supremes, Tina Turner and others, including Dancin’ in the Street, Chapel of Love, The Loco-Motion, Respect, Heat Wave, and many more. Easy chords for beginners plus a few challenging ones for experienced players. The workshop fee includes song sheets and chord diagrams for you to keep.

17. Hollywood Hawaiian & Island songs

You won’t be able to stop smiling as you learn to strum the best swaying hula dancing songs of Hawaii made famous by Elvis Presley, Beach Boys and Annette Funicello, including Aloha, Pearly Shells, Little Grass Shack, Blue Hawaii, and many more. Easy chords for beginners plus a few challenging ones for experienced players. The workshop fee includes song sheets and chord diagrams for you to keep.

18. Songs of Good Cheer

In the current times, sometimes it is just fabulous to sing as many songs to cheer us up

as possible. This workshops will do that.

19. Fingerstyle Ukulele playing

Learn to move those fingers beyond strumming. Materials will be provided to get you started

on developing a finger picking style and using that to accompany yourself. Learn arpeggios, common

finger picking patterns, pinching and plucking, melody picking and chord embellishments.


20. Playing Up the Dusty End

Why do I need to play chords up the neck? How do I find those chords?

We will learn a system for working out what to play ‘up the dusty end’ and use that to bring some

pizazz to some well-known songs. Learn how to move your chording skills up beyond the first 3 frets.

You will play the old familiar 'ice-cream-chords in new positions to dazzle your friends.

21. Intro to Jazz Ukulele

Want to impress folks with your skills?

Using more complex chords and inversions of chords up the neck, we will use two familiar jazz standards

to get start to develop that feel and the 'cool',  Ain’t Misbehaving and All of Me.

22. Ukulele Ensemble: Walking in the Air

Walking in the Air is a melody from the movie The Snowman. This workshop has parts for more experienced

players in both chording and picking the melody or harmony.

23. A Beach House in the Blue Mountains

Learn this iconic and very relevant song by Graeme Connors including great strumming

techniques, picking out the main riffs and adding fancy little licks at the end of the line

in the chorus. 

24. Groovin' with the Blues

Learn 2 different blues approaches: 12 bar blues in C with strums and licks, and the

magic of playing the blues in E using Eric Clapton's version of Somebody's Knockin.


Circle Songs on the Mat is an full participation singing and moving workshop for

pre-school and Kindy kids with new songs and teaching concepts while moving

and making music.

Circle Songs on the Mat can also be run with younger children accompanied by a

mum, dad or carer.

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