Whatever your event, you are guaranteed a good time when The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach sashay on stage. Singing original songs and sassy covers, challenging stereotypes and exploring contemporary issues, playing folk or whatever takes their fancy, they may just convince you to join them on the barricades and fight against injustice.

"Our original songs grow from our life experiences.  We started writing songs way back in 1987 documenting the events, issues and celebrations of the times and of our lives." 

AND some of our Sassy Covers

The IPD - Sue Edmonds

Older Ladies are Divine - Donna Lou Stevens

Live CLose By, Visit Often - K T Oslin

Brave New Natural Me - Fay White

Here's a Golden Ring - Heresies

Shameless Hussies

I've Got a Middle Aged Body

Regretting What I Said

What's Wrong with You?

Writing and performing original songs

 I Don't Mind 1987. Angie was studying women’s history and the effect of language on the construction of societal attitudes which resulted in this humorous song about the importance of language.

 The Real Matilda 1990. Tells of the hardships of the white settler women who are often not named in the songs of that era. Angie’s mother making a contribution to the lyrics.

 Hey Woman 1991. This is a heartfelt cry out to those women trapped in a domestic violence relationship.

 You're the Woman for Me 1991.

 The Women and Health Hustle 1992.

 Romance Finance 1997. In a country style,   this song tells of the classic dangers of having a joint account after a daughter’s relationship with a gambler.

 Gold in the Wattle 2002. This song is about the beauty of our country and the passing of the custodianship from the original inhabitants to all our children.

 Reclaiming the Night for Peace 2013. This is a collaboration of ideas from a committee organising a Reclaim the Night event. It is an inclusive uplifting song for people who hate violence and work together for peace.

 The Wild Bird Blues 2014.

 On My Verandah 2015. Instrumental

 The Lyrebird Encounter 2017. Uses the metaphor of a special encounter with a lyrebird for the fragility of our precious wildlife and our planet.