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Here's a  sneak peek at 2 of our new songs, so new they're still pretty rough! 

Put a Bit of Wire on It, Mate!

Old, Tired Cold and past our Prime

LIVE and LOCAL gig at Black Dot Music, Armidale.

Playing Hernando's Hideaway with Chris Dennis, and Angie demonstrating the famous ratchet strum!

Walk Don't Run at the Andrew Clermont International Supper Club, Tamworth 2015

Link to The Wild Women singing Older Ladies Are Devine at the Supper Club

Moliendo Cafe: Audience participation in the big marquee at Kenilworth Fiesta

Angie telling the story of the latest scientific development, The IPD (Intra-penile Device) was written by Sue Edmond and The Ovarian Sisters in Tasmania, Australia for their 'Beat Your Breasts' album released by Candle Recordings in 1980,

Can't say we are not dedicated to our community! It was -1 degrees at the Farmer's Market. Maybe about 2015?

Rock along with another version of  Walk Don't Run!

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