The Troubadour Folk Club 
at Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy 29 May 2021

We billed it as a night of 'Creative Singer-Songwriters with Ukulele, at the Everglades'. But it deserved much more. Those of us lucky enough to have been there will remember this evening for a long time. A room full of laughter. Inspiring performances. Great original songs! And sharing that deep feeling of intimacy between audience and performers that only the most special events can ever produce.


The Wild Women were a hoot from the start. But cleverly, as we were lulled into the comfort of laughter and shared enjoyment, they began to get deeper and deeper in their reflection on what it means to be treated as a older woman, and how to respond to it. Cleverly, their message was about older blokes as well. They played some quite demanding instrumentals which I think went well beyond folk music. I thought of them as mini symphonic sketches, on the ukuleles. The lasting memories I have is of the joy they have and their rebellious embrace of gender and ageing. These are two women who are determined make the world a better place, one witty line and clever key change at a time.

Review from Michael Fine at Troubadour Folk Club

Event on 29 May 2021

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The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach are

Cathy (Fast Fingers) Welsford and

Angie (Random Chords) Smith

who have performed together for 30 years, singing their way through numerous political upheavals, cultural revolutions and just plain standing up against injustice! They run ukulele and singing workshops for big and little kids, write original songs and bring sassy covers to their performances, so get ready to have some fun.



At the Valla Beach Ukulele Camp Concert on Friday, 13 August at 7pm