The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach on Tour

                                                                                 It has been a hectic start to our 'Ukulele Caravan'                                                                Tour. We started a day later than planned, delivered                                                            20 ukuleles to a house in a very small cul de sac in                                                               Gladesville but managed to turn our 10.5 metre rig                                                             around and get out of there on our way to our first overnight stop.

Why did we do that you ask? Well on our return trip through Sydney we will be running a Music, Literacy and Ukulele workshop for the 30+ teachers and support staff at Gladesville Public School and didn't want to cart the ukes all over Tasmania!


Our first site to set up the A'van turned out to be a swamp in the rainand dark at Camden so we tossed it in and went to the local motel which turned out to be in Mittagong!

The next day was off to Junee where we had a wonderful workshop with Trish Davies and her group in the Junee Pub. We almost ran out of petrol between Gundagai and Junee but were saved by John at the Nangus Golden Fleece Service. Thanks, John.


Then on to Albury for 30 enthusiastic ukers learning to pick and play In the Mood at the Albion Hotel. Thanks Bob, for a great night.

The next morning, we headed to Benalla to collect our CDs from MAD CDs then over to Guildford near Castlemaine for our first concert in the beautiful Guildford Music Hall. Thanks to Fi and Tex for organising this. Sold our first CDs that night.

Suzanne, our mate from Trentham joined us again and played some very classy bass.


Next day was a workshop at the Guildford Stables. There were 25 or so 'Happy Earth' singers and players. And one last gig … a workshop and short performance at BUK, the Ballarat Ukulele Klub at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel. And yes, we had our CDs to sell! Woohoo.









We headed to Melbourne the next morning to catch the Spirit of Tasmania across the water. Many songs suggested themselves but … we were worn out by then!

Next instalment coming soon.



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